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Weddings abroad and honeymoon specialist

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Wedding Legal Requirements

  • All the information is provided for guidance purposes only, and relates to the documentation and legal requirements for BRITISH PASSPORT holders only, (if you are not a British Passport Holder contact the relevant embassy who will advise the correct documentation).
  • Documentation and Charges can change we will advise all the documentation required when confirming your wedding booking with us
ResortDays in
Country required
Before Marrying
Valid 10 year passportBirth
or Statuary
Certificate of no ImpedimentDecree AbsoluteSpouse's death & marriage certificateAdoption certificateDeed Poll proof of name
Parental ConsentTranslation
Into Local language
Antigua 0                      
Austria 0                      
Barbados 3                      
Canada 0                      
Cuba 4                      
Cyprus 3                      
Dom Rep 3                      
Florida 0                      
Greece varies                      
Italy 0                      
Jamacia 2                   U21  
Kenya 3                   U21  
Lapland 1                   U18  
Lasv 0                      
Mauritius 3                      
Malta 0                      
Margarita 3                      
Mexico 5                      
Seychelles 3                      
Sri Lanka 4                      
St Lucia 3                      
Turkey 4                   U18  

Special Notes

  • Parental consent will be required if the form of an affidavit stamped by a Notary for all persons under 18 unless otherwise stated.
  • Jamaica All photocopies are required to be stamped by a Notary or solicitor and then written in red or blue ink. The Notary must confirm that they are true and accurate copies of the original and sign and date each copy. The solicitor's stamp must state that they are, in fact, a solicitor.
  • Cuba If either or both of the wedding party have been divorced or widowed, the decree absolute(s) or death certificate must be legalised by the Foreign Office prior to departure. These documents must also be translated and legalised by the Cuban Embassy.
  • Mauritius Wedding couples will receive an application to marry form which must be completed and signed by both bride and groom.
  • Mexico Blood test are mandatory in Cancun and must be performed within 7 days of the wedding this can be done locally or in the UK, if previously married you must be divorced for at least one year, all documents must be translated into Spanish on arrival in resort.
  • Please remember to carry all original documentation to resort, you will not be able to get married without them!

What exactly is a..

  • Affidavit: This is a document that can be obtained from a Notary usually found through a solicitors office. The document should detail information that is only relevant to you and covers the needs of the local authorities of your resort destination. The document should explain that you are free to marry whilst there and confirms you marital status. Cost may vary from solicitor to solicitor, the solicitors office will to sign and stamp the affidavit.
  • Decree Absolute: This is the official documentary evidence of the dissolution or annulment of a marriage, the document is sent by the court once the divorce is made final, the official document will bear a red or embossed court seal. Copies of the document can be obtained from the court manager where the decree was issued.
  • Certified Documents: These can be provided by your solicitor, who is legally granted to complete this process. The solicitor will always require the original document which will then be photocopied ,stamped and endorsed that is a true copy of an original document. See note regarding Jamaica for further details.
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