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Weddings abroad and honeymoon specialist

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your wedding abroad is such an important and special occasion, we know and understand you will have many queries and questions about the your booking, arrangements and the big day itself you would like to ask.

From our experience we have highlighted some questions that come up more often than others, so here are our most frequently asked questions, we hope these help in making the decision as to whether you're going to get married abroad.

If you have any other questions about how to go about getting married abroad,or arranging your honeymoon, then fear not, please just give us a call our advice is free!

We have put together some TOP TIPS at the bottom of the page that hopefully will help you in choosing, planning and booking your perfect wedding abroad.


  • Q What documents do we need
  • A This will depend on the destination you choose and your current legal status

We will have to have photocopies of these documents at least 10 weeks before you leave for you wedding.
This is nothing to worry about our wedding specialists will be with you every step of the way to answer questions on documentation and advise on details required.

  • Q What if some of the documents are not in English
  • A The documents you need, will have to be officially translated and notarised, this can be a long process and you must allow time to complete this some English documents may also have to be translated in to the language of your chosen destination.
  • Q What if we are not British Citizens
  • A This may affect your ability to be married, if there are special legal requirements to fulfil before you may be married you will have to contact the Embassy of the country you wish to visit.
  • Q Where will we be married
  •  A In most destinations you can choose where you will be married but usually most hotels have locations in the grounds or a gazebo or a special spot on the Beach.

Our wedding advisers will help if possible with confirming the location that is best for you (Local advise is often the best and the hotels have great experience in making the perfect choice).In some locations there will be more than one wedding arranged in the same day.

  • Q Do we have to be a resident of the country we want to get married in
  • A The duration of residency before a wedding can take place is usually 2- 5 days. This can vary and will be confirmed at the time of enquiry. ( see our wedding abroad legal requirements page )
  • Q When will we be married
  • A The wedding day will be set before you leave the uk it is usually a weekday as weddings are not usually permissible on a Saturday/Sunday/or public holiday. The wedding day and time is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. We will of course do everything possible to confirm the date and time of your choice.
  • Q What names should reservations be made in
  • A Women should travel in there maiden name for both the outward and return flight and then apply for a new passport when they return to the UK . If you have been divorced you may travel in your maiden name if you have an affidavit that confirms you have reverted to your maiden name.
  • Q What administrations will we have to complete in resort
  • A It will be necessary to complete some administration before the ceremony, and in some cases this may be away from the hotel. Transfers can be arranged locally to the relevant offices (there may be a local charge for this). Your local wedding co-ordinator at the hotel will advise on how long this will take usually we suggest you allow half a day to complete the formalities
  • Q When Will we get our wedding Certificate
  • A You will most likely receive your certificate before you return home .Although in some destinations it can take between 1 and 6 months the process the paperwork. If this is the case the certificate will be mailed to you in the UK . If more than one copy is required a solicitor can provide certified duplicates upon arrival in the UK .
  • Q Can we have more than one copy of our Marriage certificate
  • A You can have copies of your original certificate by taking it to your solicitor who will certify copies for you, we recommend you do this and place a copy with your solicitor for safe keeping, we also recommend you check the details before you leave resort.
  • Q What Language will the ceremony be in
  • A Most ceremonies are conducted in English if this is not possible there will be interpreters who will translate the service as you go along.
  • Q Who Will Conduct the service
  • A In most cases the weddings are conducted by a marriage officer whose title depends on where the wedding is taking place, for example in the Caribbean it will be a Minister or Registrar.
  • Q How do we transport our wedding outfits
  • A Our advice is to pack your wedding outfits in a hard suitcase or something sturdy enough to protect your clothes, as most will be placed in the hold of an aircraft, in some cases depending on the airline and the seats booked you may be able to hang in a wardrobe section on the aircraft, however remember you will then be carrying your wedding outfits the whole journey
  • Q Are Hair & Beauty Appointments available on the day
  • A Most hotels will provide a hairdressing and beauty service or be able to arrange one in a local resort ( it is advisable to pre book these services as soon as you arrive at you chosen destination)
  • Q What about the colour of my headdress and Bouquet
  • A We advise you wait until you are in resort to choose the colour of the flowers as these will vary from season to season and could be different from the UK . You may also be able to arrange locally a more detailed arrangement in required, there may be charges for this locally.
  • Q Can we choose our own music for the wedding
  • A This can be arranged at most Hotels we feature, please advise us when you have booked your wedding
  • Q Can we invite Guests
  • A Yes you can, Let us know how many guests are attending as we may need to arrange additional items for you such as buttonholes, a larger cake or extra wine. If you are staying in an all- inclusive resort hotel and your guests are staying at a different hotel we will need to arrange day passes either purchased in the UK or arrange for them to be purchased locally. We will be happy to arrange your parties travel and special arrangements are available for groups of 10 or more.
  • Q What will our wedding cake be like
  • A The typical wedding cake will be sponge with icing, it is possible to make requests and we will do everything possible to accommodate them.
  • Q Can We Video the wedding
  • A Yes you can, generally your photographs and video will be taken by a local photographer, whose equipment and facilities can sometimes be limited, therefore the standard may not always be equivalent to that in the UK . In some cases the wedding video will need to be converted to play in the UK . You should always check your photos and videos before leaving your resort.
  • Q How do we choose and book our honeymoon
  • A The time to choose the honeymoon is now. Various options are available subject to destination and available budget please talk to one of our team who will discuss all the options available and advise on deciding the perfect honeymoon destination for you. Two centre holidays are popular, this allows you to be married with family and friends in one resort and then head to another location for your honeymoon alone. ( see our honeymoon packages )
  • Q Whats included in the cost of the wedding
  • A This is dependent on the choice of you chosen location but the wedding packages will include all the required components for your ceremony. This covers the marriage certificate, ministers services, wedding cake and all the organisational service of our wedding specialists. For more information, click on our wedding packages or contact one of our team.

Our Top Tips


  • Plan and Book as early as possible Weddings overseas are becoming increasingly popular and like in the UK the best venues and dates get booked early.
  • Put together a document wallet that contains all of your original required documents, you will not be able to get married without them.
  • When buying your wedding dress consider the climate of your resort, in most case it will be a lot warmer therefore you should consider dresses in a cool natural fabric like georgette or chiffon and a light coloured suit in either linen or cotton for the groom.
  • When you have un-packed hang your wedding garments in a steamy bathroom, this will help minimise any creases in the garments.
  • Sunbathe sensibly, you don't want to look sunburnt rather than suntanned on your photographs.
  • We always recommend you have the wedding videod, it will be the best way to show friends and family when you return home.
  • The wedding ceremony will be quick and informal, don't expect too much, if you want to include a specific reading most Registrars are happy to include them, talk to your on site wedding co-ordinator on arrival.
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